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Talent Compass pulls in job requisition data, allowing you to surface operational insights on active job requisitions, interview workload, and scorecards.

Example Use Cases

You can better understand operational elements of your jobs by uncovering insights on:

  • Job Requisition Activity: which jobs are open, which ones are filled, and how long it takes to fill open requisitions

  • Interview Workload: how many interviews are being held and what impact does this have on the workload of the hiring team and recruiting coordinators

  • Scorecard Analytics: how often scorecards are completed, and what patterns we see in scores


This feature is included if your team has Talent Compass enabled if you use Greenhouse as your ATS.

How This Feature Works

  1. Navigate to a dashboard at

  2. Click “Add widget"

Job Requisition Activity Metrics

  • How many jobs are in the ATS, both open & closed?

  • How many job openings are in the ATS?

  • How many jobs do we have in the ATS? both open and closed

  • How long has a job been open and what is the average time a job has been open?

  • What is the average time-to-fill (time between a job opening being opened and the job opening being filled)?

  • Notes:

    • One job requisition like “Software Engineer” can have multiple job openings.

Interview Activity Metrics

  • How many interviews have been conducted and how many hours have been spent?

    • How interview hours are calculated by example: 2 members of the Finance team interviewed 1 candidate for 1 hour:

      • Interview hours with no grouping would count 1 hour total.

      • Interview hours grouping by interviewer would count 1 hour for each of the 2 interviewers.

      • Interview hours grouping by Job department would count 1 hour total for the Finance department.

      • We don't currently support grouping by the interviewer's department.

  • Segmented by interviewer / RC / recruiter / team / job.

  • Trends over time.

Scorecard Analytics Metrics

  • Distribution of scorecards completes and scores (yes, no, etc.) at the overall and interviewer-level.

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