In Pipeline Analytics, Gem displays passthrough rates between stages. Passthrough rates are automatically calculated by dividing the number of candidates who have progressed to the next stage by the number of candidates in the previous stage.

How to Interpret Passthrough Rates

Being able to see passthrough rates can help you troubleshoot your pipeline. For example, if you are seeing low passthrough rates between your Offer and Hired stages, you can investigate your offer process to see why this is happening.

Gem uses color-coding to create 3 different passthrough rate segments:

Red = 0 - 33%

Yellow = 33 - 50%

Green = 50-100%

These color thresholds are currently non-customizable and are intended to be used as general guidance, not necessarily for benchmarking or to be indicative of metrics that are "good" or "bad" since this can vary based on the stage the candidate is in.

Have any questions about how to interpret your passthrough rates? Please contact your Gem Customer Success Manager or email our team at success@gem.com.

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