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Lever’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) surveys allow candidates to self-ID themselves. When survey response data is imported into Gem, this data reflects in DEI filters (Gender & Race/Ethnicity), which are a part of our Talent Compass offering (Pipeline Analytics & Dashboards).

Imported EEOC survey data is used to compute Pipeline Analytics metrics and will appear as “self-ID” in the Gem sidebar for a candidate.


  • Your team uses Lever as your ATS

  • You have access to Talent Compass (contact our Customer Success team at to learn more about this feature set or get access to it)

  • You are both a Gem Admin and a Lever Super Admin (depending on your role in each platform, you may need to chat with a current Admin to gain the necessary permissions)

How to Set Up the Data Import

Please contact our Customer Success team at to enable this feature and get the setup process started.

Once this is complete, you can begin importing your EEOC data into Gem:

  1. Download your team’s EEO/OFCCP report with personally identifiable information here. (For your first import, choose the time frame “from the beginning of time to today”. Subsequent imports can be set to begin on the date of your last import into Gem.

  2. Head to your Gem Team Settings dashboard and look under the Additional Settings tab.

  3. Drag-and-drop the CSV file that you downloaded from Lever into the “Lever EEO Data Import” section.

  4. The import process will begin. You will be emailed when it is done and the data is ready to be viewed in Gem.

Note: If the import fails, you will be notified via email. In most cases, the error will let you know what needs to be corrected (usually a bad file or column). In these cases, redownloading the file from Lever and trying again generally resolves most issues. If you need additional help reviewing your CSV file for errors, please contact our Success team (

Current Limitations

  • EEOC survey data is not automatically synced from Lever to Gem. If you wish to see the most up-to-date data in Gem, you need to run a fresh import. We suggest that this process is done at least once a month (the more frequently, the better).

Have any questions about this feature? Please contact our Customer Success team at for assistance.

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