In order to use Gem, the following technical requirements must be met:

Personal computer - Gem is not optimized for use on mobile devices at this time, so you will need a computer to have the best Gem experience.

Email account - A full-fledged Google or Microsoft email account is required to create and set up a Gem account. (You cannot use an alias or Google Group email address.) This allows Gem to integrate with the account and request for the appropriate access permissions to use our features. A list of the core permissions that Gem requires and the reasons why can be found here: Click Here. If you use an email provider outside of Google or Microsoft or have additional questions about our permissions, please contact us at for assistance.

Granting Gem access - In some organizations, access to third-party applications (like Gem) may be blocked. If you try to log into Gem and encounter an error stating that consent is required or you need approval from an administrator to sign in, contact your IT team for assistance. For teams on Office 365, we have the following guidance on how to configure Gem in Azure: Click Here. For teams using Google Workspaces, Gem can be added to the list of trusted apps.

Receiving emails - In order to get email notifications from the Gem platform, your organization's email server must allow receipt of messages that are sent from *

Google Chrome - The Gem website and extension works best in Google Chrome. There are other browsers available that have been built on the same Chromium platform that Google Chrome uses, but unexpected behaviors in Gem may occur. To prevent issues, we always recommend being on the latest version of Chrome. You can download Chrome here: Click Here

Ability to install Chrome extensions - Having the Gem extension installed is required as part of our integration with your ATS and is also helpful with sourcing since you can quickly add candidates into Gem and send them outreach from it. If you are not allowed to add Chrome extensions, you will need to contact your IT team or system administrator for assistance. You can get the Gem extension from the Chrome Web Store here: Click Here (If you do not have an ATS and/or do not intend on sourcing, you can skip this.)

Network - The Gem website uses the HTTPS protocol and Port 443 must be open in your firewall configuration. If you can access our website at, you can use the Gem web app. If you have trouble with this, contact your IT team or network administrator for assistance.

Cookies - To keep you signed into the Gem platform, Gem uses cookies and third-party cookies must be enabled in Google Chrome. Gem’s cookies are saved under and You can follow these steps to review your cookie settings: Click Here

Integrations - Gem is able to integrate with a variety of platforms (i.e. Greenhouse, Lever, Calendly, etc.) and in order to set these integrations up, you will also need an account under the platform that you wish to integrate Gem with. Depending on your Gem feature set and ATS, the ability to generate an API key within your ATS may also be required during the integration process.

Have any questions about our requirements? You can let us know by chatting in with us or emailing

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