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This article details how to map Gem sequences to ATS jobs so that sequences' outreach activity (sends/replies) to prospects is captured in Gem Talent Compass reporting (Gem Outreach in Pipeline Analytics).

Attaching a Gem sequence to an ATS job can help you quantify the impact of your outreach activity as it relates to hires made. For example, you can:

  • Visualize the complete funnel, including the volume of sourcing activity that was required.

  • Project the volume of outreach needed to hit current hiring targets.

  • Forecast the investment required in sourcing for upcoming roles and hiring goals.

  • Report a more accurate analysis of source type attribution (e.g., how many referrals, inbound, sourced candidates it takes to fill one role).


To be able to access this feature, you must:

  • Have access to Talent Compass/Pipeline Analytics.

  • Use an ATS from the following list:

    • Greenhouse

    • Lever

    • SmartRecruiters

    • Workday

How to Attach a Gem Sequence to an ATS Job

  1. Navigate to the Configure page of a Sequence and you will see "Job" on the left-hand side. Start typing in the name of the job in the text box to search for the job, select it, and click “Save” in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

  2. Navigate to Pipeline Analytics.

  3. From the "Candidates with any..." dropdown menu at the top, select "Gem Outreach".

  4. From the "Group by:..." dropdown menu underneath the funnel view, select "Job".

  5. Now you are able to see how many sends and replies can be attributed to a hire! In the below example, it took 514 messages sent and 37 replies to hire 1 person for the Software Engineer position.


Can I retro-actively attach a job to an existing sequence?


Can I attach multiple jobs to the same sequence?

Not yet, but this is on the roadmap.

Can I attach multiple sequences to one / the same job?


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