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This article details the process for setting up Greenhouse Self-ID Forms so that demographic data flows into Gem’s Talent Compass reports (Dashboards & Pipeline Analytics). This results in greater accuracy when assessing the diversity, equity, and inclusion of your hiring pipeline.

When this is configured:

  1. Gem will initially use the data available for the candidates who have completed the Greenhouse Self-ID form.

  2. For anyone in your pipeline who did not complete the form, Gem will continues to use it's automated gender and race/ethnicity prediction algorithm.

Setup Instructions

Step 1 of 2: Update your team's Greenhouse Harvest API key.

This will allow Gem to access candidate responses to self-reported demographic data in your custom forms and incorporate those into Gem reports.

  1. Follow the steps outlined in this Greenhouse article under "Update an Existing Harvest API Key" to add all permissions for "Demographic Data".

    • Get: List Demographic Questions

    • Get: Retrieve Demographic Question

    • Get: List Demographic Answer Options

    • Get: Retrieve Demographic Answer Option

    • Get: List Demographic Answer Options for Demographic Question

    • Get: List Demographic Answers

    • Get: Retrieve Demographic Answer

    • Get: List Demographic Answers for Application

    • Get: List Demographic Question Sets

    • Get: Retrieve Demographic Question Set

    • Get: List Demographic Questions for Demographic Question Set

  2. Gem Admins: Let Gem know about your changes by updating your currently existing Greenhouse Harvest API Key: Click Here

Step 2 of 2: Contact our Customer Success team at

  1. Our team will enable this feature so you can take an initial pass at your demographic question/answer mappings within Gem.

  2. Future mapping updates can be performed by Gem Admins through the Team Settings > Additional Settings tab.

Have any questions about this feature? Please contact our Customer Success team at for assistance.

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