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If you come across duplicate Gem profiles for the same candidate, you can merge them together so that the candidate's data is combined into a single profile.


The top of the Gem sidebar will surface the option to resolve duplicates if all of the following criteria are met on their profiles:

  • The candidate's First Name and Last Name fields match (not case-sensitive)

  • The candidate is not in an active sequence on any profile

  • At least one of the following is true:

    • The Primary Email Address on one of the profiles also appears in the Emails list for the other profiles.

    • The Company name matches on the profiles (not case-sensitive)

Merging profiles

When these conditions are met, the following notification will appear at the top of the Gem sidebar while viewing any of the profiles:

Clicking Resolve will take you to a page where the profiles are listed. You can pick and choose which candidate data fields will be saved to the final merged profile. When you are finished, click Save.


  • Merging profiles can only be performed one candidate at a time

  • Potential duplicate profiles are not surfaced as a list in Gem (you will need to come across a duplicate profile to see the option to resolve and merge them)

  • First Name, Last Name, Primary Email and/or Company are the only fields that trigger the duplicate profile merging prompt

  • You cannot merge profiles if the candidate is in an active sequence on any of them

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