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This integration allows you to add candidates from Indeed Resumes into Gem manually or automatically after you've sent them an email through Indeed.


All customers regardless of Gem package can source from Indeed Resume ( and this functionality is already available for all Gem users.

Using Gem on Indeed

How to manually add candidates to Gem (by using the “Add prospect” button)

  • First, click the Gem icon in the upper right of your Chrome window (where all your extensions live) — you’ll have to do this the first time you source from Indeed to make the minimized Gem extension pop out from the right.

  • You can add candidates to Gem from Indeed one-by-one or in bulk from the search results page by clicking the “Add prospect” button in the minimized Gem extension

    • When adding a single candidate, after clicking “Add prospect” in the Gem extension, Gem automatically creates their Gem profile with information parsed from their Indeed profile and the extension pops open to its full state (similar to the LinkedIn experience).

    • If adding candidates in bulk, the extension shows you that all the candidates have been added to “My Scratchpad” in Gem and you can click “Go to Project” in the extension to view them.

      • (Note: adding candidates from Indeed Projects is also supported and works the same way for both 1-off and bulk, including bulk downloading their PDF resumes and attaching them to the Gem profiles.)

How to automatically add candidates to Gem (by sending them an email)

  • Alternatively, as soon as you message a person on Indeed, Gem will automatically add that person to Gem and automatically logs the sent message to their activity feed - no need to take the extra click to add the person to Gem first before messaging them on Indeed, so there’s no change management required to your existing Indeed workflows

    • The activity feed shows “Gem automatically logged an outgoing Indeed message (first outreach)”

    • All subsequent messages sent back and forth with the candidate on Indeed are also automatically logged to the Gem activity feed (although you can move their conversation to direct email. More on that in Recommended Workflow below.)

    • Bulk emailing through Indeed also results in bulk candidate creation in Gem

  • After a candidate replies “Confirm interest” in Indeed, you will get an email notification saying “<insert candidate name> saw your message and is interested in the position” with a link to view Tim’s profile in Indeed, including their contact info (email and phone number).

  • Once the person’s contact info is revealed, Gem automatically adds that info to the person’s Gem profile — no need to take any manual steps whatsoever to sync that data.

  • The Gem extension pops open when viewing an individual candidate’s profile in Indeed, so once you click into their profile, since we’ve auto-added their contact info, you can add them to a sequence or send a one-off email or text message using the Gem extension, straight from Indeed.

  • The Gem extension also pops open when viewing messages in Indeed Messages (Indeed’s inbox where you can view all inbound and outbound messages sent through Indeed).

Recommended Workflow

  1. Message candidate on Indeed.

  2. If the candidate is interested, click on candidate profile from the Indeed email notification.

  3. When viewing the Indeed profile, the Gem extension should appear. Add the candidate to a sequence containing next steps — e.g. schedule a call with my Calendly link + 1 or 2 follow ups in case they never actually book a time or respond with their availability.

    • Mix up sequences with email and text messages — the vast majority of the time, Indeed contact info will include phone numbers. Emails are always provided though, so they are still generally safer.

  4. While you can use Gem or other mediums to send one-off emails or text messages to reply to an interested candidate, we suggest adding them to a sequence to automate the process.

Gem-Indeed Workflow Demo

Important Things to Note

  • Differences in Indeed subscriptions can limit some of the above functionality:

  • E.g. some users may only be able to contact 30 candidates per month, while Professional users can contact 100 candidates per month.

  • Only Indeed Professional users can bulk message candidates on Indeed.

  • Messages sent/received from Indeed sync to Gem only under certain conditions:

    • Messages sent from the Indeed UI are synced to the Gem activity feed instantly.

    • Anything in the Indeed Messages (inbox) view syncs to Gem as soon as you click on the thread to view.

    • All other messages are synced every 30 minutes in the background:

      • All other messages includes:

        • Messages sent by replying to an Indeed email notification (e.g. Indeed email notification sends the user an email saying candidate is interested; reply-by-email sends an Indeed message back to the interested candidate).

        • Messages received from the candidate that you didn’t open to view in Indeed Messages

          • This means it’s possible to get an email notification from Indeed saying that you received a reply from the candidate, click the email notification to view their Indeed profile, and not see their message in the Gem activity feed yet. If you go to Indeed Messages and view your conversation with that candidate, though, the activity feed will then automatically update. This shouldn’t happen that frequently though, assuming you and the candidate aren’t having a rapid-fire conversation in Indeed, or that you are working more quickly than messages are getting synced between Indeed and Gem.



What information is automatically copied from the Indeed profile to create the Gem profile?

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Most recent Company + Title (and all historical work experience, when possible)

  • Education history (most recent + historical, when possible)

  • Indeed profile URL is added as a social link on Gem profile

  • PDF resume

Does Gem log that a candidate was added from Indeed (vs. from LinkedIn or from other websites)?

Yes, you can see in the activity feed where a candidate was added from.

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