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Pipeline Analytics requires a full data sync with Lever in order to pull in your team's Lever interview stages so that you can map them within Gem. If you do not have Pipeline Analytics, you do not need to follow the instructions below.


  • You are a Lever Super Admin.

  • You must be a Gem Admin to set this up for your team. If you are not an Admin, contact us at and we will let you know who your Admin is so they can give you access.


1. In Lever, navigate to the Lever API Credentials settings page and click the “Generate New Key” button.

2. Name the key. (Name does not matter for this process, but we suggest "Gem".)

3. Copy the API key.

4. Under Permissions, click “Select all read”.

5. At the bottom, under “Confidential data access”, toggle the switch ON to "Allow for confidential data access".

6. Click “Done”.

7. Go to your Lever Integration settings on Gem.

8. Under “Lever Integration”, paste your API key into the “Lever API Key” box and click “Save”.

9. Success! You've finished setting up full data sync between Lever and Gem.

Have any questions about these steps? Please contact us at for assistance.

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