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What are Dashboard Widgets?

Dashboard Widgets is a tool that customers can use to add and build widgets to their individual preferences in Gem Dashboards. While customers can still select pre-defined widgets from a widget library, they now also have the option to modify these pre-defined widgets or even create new widgets from scratch using any metric seen in Pipeline Analytics.

How do I configure Dashboard Widgets?

Step 1: Navigate to the widget library and choose a template (select Custom graph if you want to create a new widget from scratch)

Step 2: Modify any details you need to on the left and then click Create in the bottom right

Example Configurable Widget: "Offer rejection reasons"


Offer rejection reasons

Filtered by

Rejection type = Dropped out


Number of candidates

At stage


Group by

Rejection reason

Rollup interval



Horizontal bar

Pipeline Forecasting Calculator Widget

The Pipeline Forecast Calculator allows customers to easily calculate what they need throughout their funnel to get the hires they need. Anyone who has Pipeline Analytics enabled can access the Forecasting Calculator. While it can be accessed in Pipeline Analytics, it can also be accessed in Dashboards.

How can I access the Forecasting Calculator in Dashboards?

Step 1: Create a Total hires widget (if you don’t have one already)

Step 2: Add Total hires targets (if they aren’t added already)

Step 3: The Forecasting Calculator will show up to the right of the Total hires widget

How does the Forecast Calculator work in Dashboards?

Step 1: Click on “Open Forecast Calculator” & you’ll see this:

What if I don't want to see the Forecasting Calculator in the widget?

We are continually making updates so please submit your feedback to your CSM or through this button in the dashboards:

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