Gem's integration with Workday allows you to:

  • Upload candidates to Workday from Gem

  • Dupe check for already-existing candidate profiles in Workday

To set up the Workday integration for your team, please contact your Gem Customer Success Manager or our Support team with the following details:

1) We will need the username and password for a Workday ISU account with the permissions below. (If necessary, please contact your administrator or the Workday Support team for assistance with this.)

From the Recruiting API:

  • Put_Candidate

  • Get_Candidates

  • Get_Job_Requisitions

  • Move_Candidate

  • Get_Applicants

  • Get_Evergreen_Requisitions

From the Integrations API:

  • Get_References

2) We will also need the following information about your Workday instance:

3) Optional: If you provide the Workday ID for a Workday source, we can set it as the Source for all candidates that are uploaded to Workday via Gem.

After we set up the Workday integration for you using the information above, you will be able to open the Gem extension and log into your Workday account to complete the process.

Need help with the integration process? Please let us know by chatting in or emailing for assistance.

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