What are dashboards?

A new analytics feature! It’s a page that organizes and displays important metrics from Pipeline Analytics in one, easy-to-access place. Customers are able to see visualizations of multiple metrics (aka widgets) next to each other. Please see Gem Dashboard Widgets to learn how to create widgets.

What are the use cases for dashboards?


  • executive summary

  • performance management

  • diversity

  • sync with a hiring manager

What will I be able to do in dashboards?

  1. Create dashboards from scratch (add a title, description, & filters)

  2. See all saved dashboards (looks like projects)

  3. Edit title, description, filters

  4. Add or remove widgets

How do I get/access Dashboards?

If you have Greenhouse and Pipeline Analytics, dashboards will show up in your left navigation bar of Gem. If you have a different ATS than Greenhouse or do not have Pipeline Analytics, please contact your CSM.

Who can see dashboards? (access/permissions)

All dashboards are created at a team level so everyone that has a Gem account and has access to Pipeline Analytics can see dashboards.

Where does this data come from?

This data pulls directly from your ATS and from Gem.

How do I create a widget?

How do I create a widget?

How do I set targets?

Click "Set up targets to track progress towards recruiting goals".

What are some things coming down the pipeline (enhancements/changes)?

DEI-related metrics! Performance management widgets! We are continually making updates so please submit your feedback to your CSM or through this button in the dashboards:

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