If you are a Gem Admin and one of your users has or is planning to leave your team, here is some information and guidance on what you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible.


  • If your team member’s email account gets disabled, their Sequences will stop and follow-up messages will not be sent.

  • Sequences are connected to a user’s email account, so they are non-transferable from one user to another. For example, if Person A leaves the company, Person B will not be able to take over and send out follow-ups for them.

  • To stop further outreach from going out, you can disable their email account or locate their Sequence(s) and pause them for all candidates. To pause Sequences, select all of the candidates in the Sequence’s summary table and click “Pause” at the top of the table.

  • To make sure replies from candidates are seen after your team member’s departure, work with your IT team to set up automatic email forwarding so that messages sent to the team member’s email address are forwarded to a monitored inbox. Be sure to use settings that will also leave a copy of candidate replies in the former team member’s inbox so that Gem can detect them (needed for reporting and to stop the Sequence). Alternatively, access to the email account can be given to another member of the team who can monitor for replies.

  • If there are Sequence messaging templates that other members of your team would like to continue using, you can set the team member’s Sequences to “Shared” access so that others can copy it to their own Gem account.


  • Project ownership can be transferred to another team member. This can be done by either a Gem Admin or the employee prior to their departure. Open the project, click “Options”, and select “Transfer project”.


  • Deprovisioning - To remove your team member’s stats from Outreach Stats, you can deprovision them in Gem. This can be done from the Team Settings dashboard.

    • Deprovisioning does not delete their outreach data -- it hides it.

    • Their Sequences and Projects will still be visible and searchable in Gem.

    • You will still be able to see conversation history relating to their Sequences in candidate Activity feeds.

    • You can still search for Sequences created by deprovisioned users from your Sequence’s page under “All Sequences” and make a copy of it. You will not be able to change the Sequence’s access settings.

    • Project access settings can be updated prior to or after deprovisioning or you can transfer ownership of a Project at any time.


  • Any public reports that a user created should still be accessible, even after the creator of a report is deprovisioned. An admin can access any saved report, private or public, from the deprovisioned user.

  • Any scheduled automation (eg. Talent Pipeline reports in Slack) can’t be stopped by a team Admin, as they are not the creator of the report. Please make sure that a deprovisioned user stops any Slack reports before deprovisioning, OR email support@gem.com, and we can help get these stopped.


  • To log in, Gem relies on a user’s Google or Microsoft credentials. If an employee leaves your company, work with your IT team to ensure their Google or Microsoft account is deactivated so they cannot log into Gem on any new devices.

  • If there are any devices the individual has access to which they are logged into Gem on, Gem Admins can email support@gem.com and request that we forcefully stop all Gem sessions for the user. Please include the user’s name and email address in your request.

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