If you're hosting recruiting events, you may be familiar with the classic problem of managing invite lists in spreadsheets, or keeping folders of CSVs after a conference.

Now, you can create forms in Gem, share the form with whoever you'd like to invite, and as they register, they'll automatically be added to a Gem project -- no CSV uploads or separate spreadsheets required.

To get started, go to any Gem project you own, and in the upper right, click the "Options" menu --> Edit Gem Form.

Drag any fields you'd like to the page, change the color of the form to your company's exact brand color, and include a description and title to let invitees know what they're registering for.

Note that certain fields are required, such as name and email; we can't create new profiles in your Gem project without this info, so you won't be able to remove them from the page. The resume upload field will upload an attachment to the Gem profile.

Besides standard fields like phone number, LinkedIn URL, Company, etc that are written to the standard Gem profile fields, you can also ask custom, event-specific questions such as "What departments are you interested in?" or "How did you hear about this event?"

Custom questions will be captured as project custom fields in the same project where all your registrations are being captured.

If a person registers who already exists in your Gem instance, rest assured that a duplicate profile won't be created; we'll just cross-list them into the event project.

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