Gem can keep your prospect records up to date on an ongoing basis, automatically.

With an evergreen database of prospects, you can:

  • reuse past Gem Projects to instantly create pipeline for new searches

  • search through your CRM to re-sequence previously-encountered Prospects

  • nurture Talent Pools over time with precision and confidence

Automatic profile refresh means that you don’t have to worry about your CRM growing stale over time, so that building and engaging with highly-qualified pipelines takes no more than a few clicks and requires no cross-validation against LinkedIn profiles. If you’ve already manually edited any of these fields in a Gem profile, rest assured that we won’t override those changes -- we’ll just append any new information we have on that person.

What is Data Refresh?

Data Refresh is a new Gem product that automatically updates prospect information in Gem every 30 days so that prospect profiles are always up-to-date. Gem will refresh the following information on all prospect profiles with LinkedIn URLs:

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • Location

  • Past experience

  • School

  • Education history

Where can you see that a profile was refreshed?

At the top of each profile in the Gem extension, you’ll now see a line below the prospect’s name that says “Refreshed {X} days ago”:

You’ll also notice a column in Projects, Sequences, and Prospects showing when each profile was last refreshed (you may need to select that column to appear the “Columns” dropdown):

In certain cases, profiles cannot be refreshed; this occurs when people have marked their LinkedIn profiles as private in their profile settings.

How can I get Data Refresh for my team?

If you're already a Gem customer, talk to your Gem Customer Success Manager or Account Executive. Otherwise, chat with us (in the lower right corner of this page) or email us at to learn more.

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