This integration will allow you to:

  • Upload candidates to iCIMS from the Gem extension/sidebar.

  • Give the team visibility into candidates in iCIMS.

  • Check for duplicate candidates prior to uploading to iCIMS.

  • Remove manual data entry upon adding a candidate into iCIMS.

How It Works

1. When uploading candidates from Gem into iCIMs, Gem surfaces any matches/duplicates within iCIMS by searching for the candidate's name, email, and LinkedIn profile URL.

2. Information that gets uploaded:

  • Name

  • Primary email

  • LinkedIn profile URL - This is not a native field in iCIMS, but we can upload this as a custom field

  • Phone number - Uploaded as mobile number

  • Work history - Uploaded only if a job has a company, title, and start date available

  • Education history - Only School Name is supported (no additional data such as dates or major)

  • PDF resume from LinkedIn

3. Other fields that get updated:

  • Source - Always set as "Gem"

  • Job - Choosing a Job is optional

  • "Active" candidate folder - Candidates are placed in this folder

  • Source Person - Gem will set the source person to the iCIMS user with the same email address as the Gem user uploading the candidate

  • Source Person - If there isn't a user in iCIMS with the same email as the current Gem user OR if there are multiple users in iCIMS with the same email, we do not set a Source Person

Setup Instructions

1. Create an iCIMS API user. Consult with your iCIMS administrator or the iCIMS Support team if you need assistance with this.

2. Email and provide your team's Gem Customer Success Manager the following details for the new user:

  • iCIMS client id (this is your team's unique iCIMS ID)

  • iCIMS username

  • iCIMS password

3. In iCIMS, on the settings page for the user and under "IP Address Restrictions", add the following IPs under "IP Addresses allowed to Access our API":



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