As a Gem Admin, you have access to the Team Settings dashboard to help you manage your users and team-level features:

Below are some common actions you may need to perform as the Admin for your team:

Inviting a user to Gem

The steps to add or invite a user to Gem can be found here.

Setting user access levels

Gem currently provides three levels of permissions access. You can use these levels to restrict or increase capabilities in Gem.

By default, all new Gem users will start off with Standard access. This can be changed by Gem Admins from the Manage Team dashboard.

The three levels are:

  1. Standard (default) - Users have access to all Gem features that are a part of your plan, except the Team Settings dashboard.

  2. Admin - Feature set is identical to Standard, but with access to the Team Settings dashboard.

  3. Limited (by request) - Contact your Gem Customer Success Manager to learn more about Limited access. Access to specific features with this user role will depend on the plan you are on.

To edit a user’s access:

  1. Go to your Team Settings Dashboard:

  2. Under “User Settings”, find your user and look under the “Access” column.

  3. Click on the dropdown menu button and select the desired level.

Deprovisioning a user

Users can be deprovisioned if they leave your company or will no longer be using Gem.

  1. To log in, Gem relies on a user’s Google or Microsoft credentials. If an employee leaves your company, work with your IT team to ensure their Google or Microsoft account is deactivated so they cannot log into Gem on any new devices.

  2. If there are any devices the individual has access to which they are logged into Gem on, Gem Admins can email and request that we forcefully stop all Gem sessions for the user. Please include the user’s name and email address in your request.

  3. To remove their stats from being displayed in Gem, go to your Team Settings dashboard > User Settings > find the user > click on the gear icon to the right of the page > select “Deprovision User”. This does not delete their historical data - it hides it.

Holiday Settings

Review and set your holidays to prevent outreach to candidates on specific days. Additional information on this can be found here.

Email Sending Limits

You can throttle the amount of emails sent by users per day or minute, as well as the number of emails a prospect can receive per day or week through Gem.

The default value is "Unlimited" for all fields and you can choose to configure each one based on what works best for your team.

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