What can you do with the SmartRecruiters<>Gem integration?

  1. Add new candidates directly from the Gem extension to SmartRecruiters without leaving Gem

  2. When adding a candidate, Gem determine if the candidate already exists in SmartRecruiters to prevent duplicate record creation

  3. Upload a candidate to a specific job from the Gem Extension

How can I enable the Integration between SmartRecruiters<>Gem?

  1. From the Gem extension, click the “Connect to SmartRecruiters” button

2. Log into SmartRecruiters via OAuth

3. That's it! You're ready to source.

How do I know if a candidate is already in SmartRecruiters?

How can I connect a candidate to a SmartRecruiters job posting:

How can I upload a sourced candidate from Gem directly into SmartRecruiters?

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