Some of Gem's more advanced features requires you to set up Webhooks. This will allow for deeper integrations between Greenhouse, and Gem like real time syncing between candidate information in Gem, and Greenhouse.

Just like setting up a Harvest API key, you'll need the following:

Don’t have access to the Gem Admin section? Contact the Gem Support team by emailing us at support@gem.com or reach out to your CSM.

How to Set up the Webhooks

  1. Navigate to the Webhooks Configuration page in Greenhouse (https://app.greenhouse.io/configure/dev_center/web_hooks), which is found under Configure > Dev Center > Webhooks > Webhooks.

    • You should be on a page that looks like this:

  2. If you see the blue "Automatically set up 29 Gem webhooks" button, simply click the button and follow the instructions to create all 29 webhooks.

    • If you don't see this button, make sure you have the Gem extension installed!

  3. Verify that all webhooks are set up correctly.

The following is the list of webhooks that should show on the page after you're done setting them up:

  1. Gem - Candidate of Prospect updated

  2. Gem - Candidate or Prospect rejected

  3. Gem - Offer Updated

  4. Gem - Offer Created

  5. Gem - Candidate has changed stage

  6. Gem - Candidate has submitted application

  7. Gem - Delete Candidate

  8. Gem - Candidate anonymized

  9. Gem - Scorecard Deleted

  10. Gem - Application Updated

  11. Gem - Prospect created

  12. Gem - Office Deleted

  13. Gem - Offer Deleted

  14. Gem - Offer Approved

  15. Gem - Merged Candidate

  16. Gem - Job Updated

  17. Gem - Job Post Updated

  18. Gem - Job Post Deleted

  19. Gem - Job Post Created

  20. Gem - Job Interview Stage Deleted

  21. Gem - Job Deleted

  22. Gem - Job Created

  23. Gem - Job Approved

  24. Gem - Interview Deleted

  25. Gem - Department Deleted

  26. Gem - Delete Application

  27. Gem - Candidate or Prospect unrejected

  28. Gem - Candidate has been unhired

  29. Gem - Candidate has been hired

This is what you should see when they are fully configured:

If not all of the 29 webhooks on the list are present after setup, we've found that clicking the "Create Web hook" button again helps. However, if the issue persists, please contact our Support team at support@gem.com for assistance.

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