Do you want to create a pipeline of candidates that are actively interested in your company, but don't necessarily have the right open position in this moment? Gem helps create that talent community for you to nurture & engage with!

Gem will create a form to collect information from prospects visiting your careers page. This form is fully customizable to collect the information that is important to your talent team. Gem will use your logo, fonts, & colors to fit your company's brand standard. 

How the form works

  • Send Gem the list of the questions you'd like to collect, such as "Which department or location are you interested in?"

  • At a minimum, the form will ask for first & last name, email, and LinkedIn URL

  • Click here to use our form template & share it with us when you're ready!

How to set up your Talent Community

  • Send Gem your list of questions & company logo for the welcome page of the form in JPEG format

  • Gem will use the questions to create a draft of the form & send it to you for review

  • Once you've approved the form, Gem will send you the URL of the form

Almost zero engineering work

  • Your team will add a button to your career page that links to the URL of the form, that might look something like this blue button (actually click on the button if you to see a full example of a form): 

Want to be a Gem?
Interested in Gem? This delights us. If you don’t see a job that matches your interests here, we’d love for you to join our Talent Network. You’ll be among the first to hear about upcoming career opportunities at Gem, as well as exciting updates about our company, our team, our culture, and our product. Because we know how important it is to know the full scope of a company in order to make your best career decision.

In your Gem account

  • A new project titled "Talent Community" will be automatically created in your Gem account

  • Every time a candidate submits their info using the form, their information will be used to create a profile in "Talent Community" project in Gem

Candidates are in the project, now what?

  • You will be able to see all the candidates and the responses to your custom questions

  • If you do not see one of the columns of custom questions, click on "Columns" in the top right, above the list of candidates, and select "Show" next to the custom column you want to see

  • We recommend having someone on your team as the "gatekeeper" of the main Talent Community project

  • If you have separate recruiters in charge of specific departments or locations, we recommend creating separate projects based on candidate's responses

  • For example, within the main "Talent Community" project, the gatekeeper can filter on columns, such as "Departments" & identify all candidates who said they were interested in "Product & Design" positions.

  • From here, you can bulk select all these candidates & add the candidates into a new project, "Talent Community: Product & Design" project.

  • In this Product & Design project, the recruiter in charge of Product & Design roles can sequence the candidates as they see fit!

  • We recommend keeping all potential candidates in the main "Talent Community" project as well, to maintain it as a source of truth & you can sequence the entire group regarding overall company updates & hiring information to keep your company top of mind.

Have any other questions about our talent communities?

Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in Gem.

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