Wondering why you should spend time nurturing candidates when you've got roles to fill right now? Learn about why nurturing is essential to any recruiter's best practices here.

Create a Nurture Sequence

In Sequences, create a new sequence. At the top of the screen, select the sequence type to be Nurture. 

Nurture sequences can be scheduled for either a specific date and time (“July 17th at 7:35 AM”) or at a relative later time period (“in 6 months”). Relative later dates are automatically forwarded to the next working day.

If this is your first time nurturing, you can start with a three-stage sequence that checks in with a candidate every six months. You can use a simple message that reminds the candidate that you last spoke a few months ago, and you wanted to see how they were doing. As you get more comfortable with nurturing, you might add more stages or more tailored messaging.

As with Gem’s outreach sequences, if the candidate contacts you in any email, the sequence will be paused. 

Send a Nurture Sequence

Nurture sequences can seamlessly send as a reply to previous sequences, automating natural-looking followups for candidates whose timing isn't quite right. When you're in Gmail and a candidate responds that they're not ready to move now, but could be later, use the Gem popout menu to re-sequence the candidate into one of your nurture sequences.

You'll see a message in your composer if the nurture sequence is being sent as a reply, and the new nurture sequence subject line will change to match the original thread's subject line. Nurture sequences will be sent as a reply under the following conditions:

  • you are sending the sequence to an individual from within Gmail

  • both the previous sequence email and the new nurture sequence have you as the sender

  • both the previous sequence email and the new nurture sequence have the same recipient

If any of these conditions aren't met, the nurture sequence won't send as a reply, but will still send like a regular outreach sequence.

Create a Nurture Report

Nurture sequences are a best practice not commonly used, and can engage candidates that needed more than the standard three-touch sequence. See how your sequences performed in Outreach Stats. To see this, just filter for the Nurture sequence type. 

Need help creating Nurture sequences in Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at support@gem.com or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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