The purpose of this document is to outline the following:

  1. Setting up your Gem account

  2. Gem Sourcing Workflow

Setting up your Gem account

To create your Gem account, head to Gem and click “Login” at the top right. Input your email address and Gem will walk through an automated tutorial to help you:

  • Grant email access so we can send Sequence emails out automatically

  • Install the Gem Chrome Extension

  • Connect to Greenhouse so you can one-click push candidates to Greenhouse

  • Source and Sequence your first candidate

Integrating Gem with Greenhouse

Gem integrates deeply with Greenhouse to allow you to:

  • Dupe-check against Greenhouse (see if a candidate already exists)

  • One-click import candidates from Greenhouse to Gem

  • Open Gem sidebar in Greenhouse so you can Sequence candidates (ex. Silver Medalists)

  • Push a prospect or candidate to Greenhouse with one-click

  • Select a Job in Greenhouse (required for candidates)

  • Add tags

  • Change source

  • Set a stage (candidates only)

To connect Gem with Greenhouse, you’ll input your Greenhouse login credentials in the Gem sidepanel.

Customized Settings

Gem allows you to customize settings so that you can:

Travel to your Gem settings to customize and edit your Sequence defaults.

Gem Sourcing Workflow

Gem’s Sourcing Workflow helps you:

  • Source 5x faster than you would without using our extension

  • Automates manual processes like uploading candidates to Greenhouse or following up with prospects

  • Helps you get data insights into your outreach to candidates so you can tweak messaging or A/B test

Creating Sequences

Sequences are designed to put your reach outs on autopilot using stages. Each stage has a reach-out template (created by the user), which automatically pulls in information from the candidate’s LinkedIn profile (so that each message looks tailored to the individual you’re emailing).

You can add automate follow-ups by adding a stage, which can be scheduled for a certain number of days later. You can add as many stages as you’d like and Gem will stop sending follow-ups to a person as soon as they reply to any stage in your sequence.

Adding a Candidate to Gem in LinkedIn

Once you’ve created your reach-out sequence, navigate to LinkedIn to find candidates you’d like to reach out to. To add a candidate to Gem, press the Save to PDF option in the dropdown next to “Send Inmail”. This works across all levels of LinkedIn (Public, Recruiter Lite, Recruiter).

When you save the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to PDF, the Gem extension will do the following:

  • Creates a Gem profile with important fields for your reach out, including name, job title, company, etc.

  • Find their email & social media.

  • Uploads everything to Greenhouse in one click.

Organizing Candidates in Gem Projects

Gem projects allow you to organize candidates in any way that you want. You can create as many projects as you want and a candidate can exist in multiple Gem projects at one time. 

There are three types of Gem projects:

  • Confidential Projects: Only the user who creates the project has access to view, add, or remove candidates in the project. Stats for this project will not be visible in Outreach Stats and other users who see this candidate’s Gem profile will not be able to see that they are in a confidential project.

  • Personal Projects: Only you and the users you designate can add or remove candidates; anyone with the link on your team can view the project. Stats for this project will be visible in outreach stats and other users who see this candidate’s Gem profile will be able to see that they are in a personal project.

  • Shared Projects: Anyone with a Gem account can view Shared Projects or add candidates to a shared project. Stats for this project will be visible in outreach stats and other users who see this candidate’s Gem profile will be able to see that they are in a shared project.

To add a candidate to a project in Gem, click the dropdown in the Gem account and type in the name of the project you want to add the candidate to. If the project does not exist, you can create a new project.

Sending Sequences to Candidates

Once you’ve sourced a candidate and added them to Gem, you can send them a Sequence from the extension by choosing from one of your saved Sequences. From there, you can edit the schedule or message for any stage before sending.

“Send as” using Gmail Aliases

You can use Gmail Aliases to make your sequences look like they are coming from someone else in your company (e.g. a hiring manager).

To set up a Gmail Alias:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from this guide to add an Alias in Gmail.

  2. Turn on automatic forwarding from your Gmail Alias to your primary email (see this guide). Test it by sending an email to your Gmail Alias and making sure it arrives in your primary email inbox. If this is not configured, Gem will not be able to track replies and stop automatic follow ups.

  3. You’re all set. Choose from your Gmail Aliases while configuring a sequence or set a default Gmail Alias in your Gem settings.

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