Once you’ve got a handle on the basics of Pipeline Analytics, you can try and dive into some of the advanced functionality that it has to offer, like our Pipeline Forecasting and Expected Hires calculators.

Pipeline Forecasting

In Funnel View, Gem provides a Pipeline Forecasting calculator that allows you to easily calculate what you need at throughout your funnel to get the hires you need. Click on the calculator icon on the right in Funnel View to bring up the Forecasting Calculator. 

From there, you can input the number of hires and the pass-through rates you think you'll achieve, and Gem will output a forecast to help you better plan and allocate resources.

Expected Hires

In Funnel View, Gem also provides an Expected Hires calculator that allows you to see based on your currently active pipeline, how many hires you can expect to yield based on your historical pass-through rates. Click on the calculator icon on the right in Funnel View and select Expected Hires in the top left. 

Gem will show you a snapshot of how many candidates are currently in process for the job/department/etc as well as an expected number of hires at the top. You can also edit your historical pass-through rates to see how that would change your expected number of hires by pressing the Show per-stage passthrough rates option.

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