When looking at Pipeline Analytics, you may be wondering how Gem counts a candidate towards a specific row in the dashboard. The simple answer is that it depends on the view you are looking at. 

Gem Attribution

Gem also allows you to toggle between only viewing candidates that have Gem Attribution (Sourced/Outbound Candidates) and viewing all candidates in your ATS (Sourced/Outbound + Inbound Candidates). 

When looking at candidates that only have Gem attribution, you will see candidates that have been sent a Sequence in Gem, had a manual touchpoint logged, or inmail automatically logged in Gem. In cases where multiple people have sent one candidate a Sequence, Gem will give credit to both people that have reached out (Team Admins can also manually give someone credit for a candidate or remove credit).

All Candidates Attribution

When looking at just your ATS data (inbound + outbound candidates), Gem counts candidates toward rows based on how you are grouping and filtering the data.

Here’s an example:

In this view, Gem is using the job from your ATS to determine which row candidates should show up in; this means that the 105 people in the Software Engineer Pre-Interview stage are candidates who are in that job in your ATS (regardless of if they are in Gem or not).

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