Gem's Calendly integration allows you to stop a sequence once a prospect has booked a meeting using your Calendly link.  If you're new to Gem, request a demo here!

Frequently, prospects will book a meeting via a Calendly link but not reply directly to your email. This integration means you will not need to manually stop the sequence for a prospect who has booked a meeting via your link. It will be automatically stopped via the Calendly integration.

Note: You'll need a paid Calendly Pro subscription for this integration to work. (Free trials are not supported.)

Set Up the Integration
There are 2 ways to set up your Calendly integration: 

  1. On a sequence-by-sequence basis

  2. In your Gem Account settings, if you want the integration to work no matter which sequences you use your Calendly link in.  

To set it up on a sequence-by-sequence basis, first paste your Calendly link into any sequence. This works for both email and InMail sequences.

Then, paste your Calendly API key into the input box on the sequence configure pane.

To set up the integration in your account settings and ensure that it always works no matter which sequences you use your Calendly link in:

  • Go to your account settings 

  • Paste your Calendly API key into the input box on the settings page

Now you can use your Calendly link into any sequence and Gem will automatically stop the sequence when a prospect books time with you, even if they don't reply to your sequence.

Multiple Calendly links in a sequence
If you add Calendly links from more than one account in a sequence, we will prompt you for the API keys for each distinct account we detect.

Once you've entered and saved the API keys, send the sequence as usual and we will stop the sequence if a meeting is booked using any of the links.

Salesforce UUID error
If you paste a link with salesforce_uuid  in the query parameters, you will receive this error. To resolve it, please remove salesforce_uuid from the link as this is needed for the Calendly integration to work properly with Gem. This may happen if you've copied and pasted a link from an old sequence.

For example, the following would trigger an error: 

To resolve it, the correct link would read:

Calendly Account Pending Validation
You may receive this warning in the configure pane when editing a sequence. We proactively revalidate your Calendly API key each time you send a sequence with a Calendly link to ensure we always have your correct account information.

This validation warning will auto resolve within a few seconds. If your API key is no longer valid, you will be prompted to re-enter it.

Need help setting up the Calendly integration in Gem?
Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in Gem.

New to Gem?
Request a demo here!

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