Gem's Chrome Extension works directly in your Gmail inbox, allowing you to take common actions directly from your inbox in response to candidates.

With the Gem Chrome Extension, you can take common actions right from Gmail, like:

  • Converting a prospect to a candidate
  • Setting a due date
  • Replying to a candidate with a template
  • Adding a candidate to a nurture sequence or talent pool
  • Logging a note to Greenhouse

Convert from prospect to candidate
If they respond positively, convert directly to a candidate and set the stage.

Add a due date + Log a note
If they're interested, but timing's not right, set a due date for when to circle back. Log a note to Gem that also syncs to Greenhouse, e.g. 'Shares vest in Q3 - follow up in May.'

When the due date rolls around, Gem will send you a notification, with links to their Gem profile, where you'll see your note front and center.

Reply with a Template
Create Templates in Gem and reply directly to the thread. Leverage the same tokens as your sequences and Gem will substitute them in.

  • Note: we're still adding support for the new Gmail UI. For now, replying with template only works in the old Gmail.

Add to a Nurture Sequence or Talent Pool
Consider creating different projects or talent pools to track candidates depending on their response so you can keep in touch.

Or, if you already know how you want to engage with the candidate down the road, add directly to a nurture sequence and schedule it for several months later. Any communication from the candidate between now and then will stop the sequence.

More workflows coming soon...
e.g. stop considering as a prospect if they're not interested.

Need help handing with Gem's Chrome Extension? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at support@Gem.comor press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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