Gem sets up your Pipeline Analytics in tandem with your team to make sure that you can view the data accurately and see a holistic funnel view.

Here is an example of some stages we have set up for our CRM Partners:

The first two and last two stages (Send, Reply, Offer, Accept) are fixed, but everything between those is pulled from Greenhouse and completely customizable.

There are some important parameters to note:

  • Currently, we only support one set of stages across your entire team, so if you have different orgs with different stages, we'll need to work with you to find a model that encapsulates both.
  • Just like with Greenhouse milestones, we can group multiple job stages under the same pipeline analytics stage, or we can separate everything out if you'd rather see the funnel from each individual job stage to the next.
  • For the middle columns (based on Greenhouse interviews), we can easily change the names of the columns, and can also add or remove columns if you want to track more or fewer stages.

Once Pipeline Analytics stages are set up, you will be able to see all candidates that pass through a given stage based on Greenhouse milestones (Interview Scheduled, Scorecard Filled out). Which ever milestone for a candidate comes first, will count as the time the candidate passed through that stage.

If you want to see which candidates count for a given stage in the Dashboard, you can click on any of the numbers in the column and we'll show you an entire list of everyone counting for that stage based on the time period you've filtered on.

If you want to see what milestones Gem is using to count a candidate toward a stage in the dashboard you can copy the Greenhouse link address and paste it into our Debugger and we will give you a readout of all the milestones for a candidate, and bold those that we are using to count a candidate towards a pipeline stage.

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