Pipeline Analytics offers robust filtering, allowing to slice your recruiting funnel based on either Gem or Greenhouse attributes.

The general areas you can filter on in Pipeline Analytics include:

  • Time Period: Select between commonly used reporting periods (ex. Year To Date, Quarter To Date, etc.) or set up your own custom date range.

  • Pipeline Funnel or Activity: Pipeline Funnel view shows you funnel metrics for a specific cohort of candidates where Activity view shows you per-stage candidate activity over time.

  • Show candidates with Greenhouse Activity or Gem Outreach: Greenhouse Activity view shows all applications tracked in Greenhouse, including candidates who are not in Gem. Gem Outreach view shows candidates whose application process began through Gem outreach (ex. Email or InMail sequence) and then made it into Greenhouse.

  • Gem Filters: Attributes that are unique to Gem, such as Projects, Gem Custom Fields, or Attributed Gem User.

  • Application Filters: Greenhouse attributes at the application level such as App Status, Who Gets Credit, etc.

  • Candidate Filters: Greenhouse attributes at the candidate level such as Candidate Tags, Recruiter, or Greenhouse Candidate Custom Fields.

  • Job Filters: Greenhouse attributes at the job level, such as Job name, Department, or Job Custom Field.

Let's say we want to answer the following question: "So far this quarter, how many Sales Development Representatives got hired and were sent a Sequence to from Brian?"

The following views and filters are used in the example Pipeline Analytics report below:

  • Activity View - This view was selected because we are looking at Brian's activity for the quarter and not focused on a specific cohort of candidates.

  • Show candidates with any Gem Outreach - This view was selected because our question includes candidates who were sent a Gem Sequence.

  • Time Period = Within Quarter To Date

  • Job > App Status = "hired"

  • Job > Job name = "Sales Development Representative (open)"

  • Attributed Gem User = "Brian Demo"

In the results, we can see that Brian sent Gem outreach to 100 unique candidates and 1 was hired within the current quarter.

Need help with filters in Pipeline Analytics? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at support@gem.com or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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