Pipeline Analytics has robust filtering, allowing to slice your recruiting funnel based on either Gem attributes or Greenhouse attributes.

There are 5 areas you can filter on in 'Pipeline Analytics':

  • Type of Candidate: Outbound, Inbound, or All
  • Type of Stats: My Stats, Team Stats, or Debugger
  • Role: Sourced By, Recruiter, Overall
  • Time Period: Quarters, Months, Weeks, or Days
  • Filter Type: Greenhouse or Gem Attributes

This article walks through how each filter works.

Type of Candidate

Outbound Candidates are any candidates that have the source of 'Gem' in Greenhouse. We can add other Sources to the Outbound Tab filter but those candidates won't show up in your Gem stages, they will only show up in you Greenhouse stages, unless you sent them a sequence through Gem.

Inbound Candidates are any candidates in Greenhouse that have any other source in Greenhouse than your Outbound Sources. Inbound Candidate won't show up in your first two stages (Send + Reply).

All Candidates includes anyone in Greenhouse no matter what their Source is.

Type of Stats

We allow you filter on the type of Stats, whether My Stats, Team Stats, or Debugger.

My Stats slices data based on only your Stats.

Team Stats lets you see everyone's Stats.

Debugger will show you a single candidate's milestones and where they count in the dashboard.


We also allow you to filter by a Gem User's role in Greenhouse for a candidate: Who Sourced Them, or who is the Recruiter, or Overall.

Sourced By indicates who is getting credit for the candidate's application in Greenhouse and whose name is in the 'Who Gets Credit' field in Greenhouse.

Recruiter list candidates based on who is the Recruiter for the candidate in Greenhouse.

Overall shows you funnel metrics based on the time period you've specified and funnels up everyone into one number for that period.

Time Period

Gem allows you to filter and group based on 4 different type of time periods: Quarters, Months, Weeks or Days.

This will slice your funnel metrics and graph down based on whatever period you specify.

Filter Type

Filter Type is where you can go to filter down on Gem or Greenhouse attributes and slice your Pipeline Analytics Data.

Here is a comprehensive list of everything you can filter on in Pipeline Analytics from Greenhouse (GH) or Gem:

  • Shared Project (Gem)
  • Your Project (Gem)
  • App Status (GH)
  • Rejection Type (GH)
  • Source Type (GH)
  • Location (GH)
  • Job (GH)
  • Department (GH)
  • Candidate Tag (GH)
  • Recruiter (GH)
  • Coordinator (GH)
  • Sourcer (GH)
  • Credited To (GH)
  • Hiring Manager (GH)

Need help with filters in Pipeline Analytics? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at support@gem.com or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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