Below are some examples of different ways you can use Prospects to curate candidate lists and create talent pools.

Re-Engaging Candidates

This search helps you find candidates that were interested in a piece of hyperlinked content, but did not respond to your outreach.


  • Sequence Activity: Contacted + Clicked + Did not reply + Past 6 months + Sent by Yourself
  • Last Contact: In the Past 6 months
  • Due Dates: No Due Date

URM/Diversity Candidates

This search helps you resurface URM/Diversity candidates that fell out of process previously. You can also use this search for events (ex. Women in Tech).


  • Sequence activity: Contacted + More than 3 months ago
  • Last contact: More than 3 months ago
  • Due dates: No Due Date
  • Greenhouse activity: More than 3 months ago
  • Gender: Female
  • (Optional) Job Title: Software Engineer, Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer

Campus Recruiting

This search helps you surface potential candidates that are graduating soon or just graduated and were previously contacted.


  • Sequence activity: Contacted + In the past 6 months
  • Last contact: In the past 6 months
  • Due dates: No due date
  • Graduation year: 2018 to 2019
  • (Optional) School
  • (Optional) Degree

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