There are several different attributes that you can filter on in People.

  • Sequence activity: Opens, Clicks, Replies, Did not Open, Reply Status
  • Last contact: Last contact made including activity outside of Gem
  • Due dates
  • Greenhouse activity
  • Projects
  • Sequences
  • Years of experience: Absolute amount of time spent at jobs
  • Graduation year: Years since Graduation
  • Job Title
  • Company: Where the candidate works or worked previously
  • Location: Where the candidate is located
  • Gender: Based on name (if we are not sure, we set this to 'Not Set')
  • School: Where the candidate attended University or College
  • Degree
  • Field of Study
  • Custom Fields

For most of these, you can do a simple Boolean search based on a single attribute (ex. Candidates that have worked at Company 1 or Company 2 + attended School 1 or School 2), but we haven't yet added the ability for you to do more advanced Boolean or Cross-Filter Searching (ex. Candidates that have worked at Company 1 or went to School 2).

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