There are several different attributes that you can filter on in Prospects.

  • Keywords: See section below
  • Sequence activity: Opens, Clicks, Replies, Did not Open, Reply Status
  • Last contact: Includes sequences, manually logged touchpoints, and emails outside of Gem
  • Due dates
  • Greenhouse activity
  • Projects
  • Sequences
  • Who added to Gem
  • Years of experience: Absolute amount of time spent at jobs
  • Graduation year: Years since Graduation
  • Job Title
  • Company: Where the candidate works or worked previously
  • Location: Where the candidate is located
  • Gender: Based on name (if we are not sure, we set this to 'Not Set')
  • School: Where the candidate attended University or College
  • Degree
  • Field of Study
  • Has email address
  • Custom Fields


Prospects supports more complex searches using the Keywords filter. This filter allows you to use Boolean logic, meaning you can combine keywords with operators such as "AND", "NOT", and "OR" during your search. Here are some ways to use Boolean logic with your searches:

  • Quoted searches: For an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. For example, type "product manager". Gem only supports normal straight quotation marks.
  • NOT searches: Type the word NOT (capital letters) immediately before a search term to exclude it from your search results. For example, "programmer NOT manager".
  • OR searches: Type the word OR (capital letters) to see results that include one or more items in a list. For example, "sales OR marketing OR advertising”.
  • AND searches: AND searches: Type the word AND (capital letters) to see results that include all items in a list. This typically limits your search results. For example, "accountant AND finance AND CPA".
  • Parenthetical searches - To do a complex search, you can combine terms using parentheses. For example, to find people who have "VP" in their profiles, but exclude "assistant to VP" or SVPs, type VP NOT (assistant OR SVP).

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