This article walks through the ins and outs of Gem Talent Pipeline.

Talent Pipeline is a CRM feature that allows you to see all of your active candidates in Greenhouse at a glance right from our Gem interface by creating a kanban board of every job that you are on the Hiring Team (Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Coordinator) for in GH. 

You can also use Talent Pipeline to view candidate pipelines in Greenhouse for other team members. 

We show all active candidates in Greenhouse based on the roles that they are associated with (including candidates not in Gem). We'll also pull in all stages associated with the different roles in Greenhouse. If there are no candidates in a given stage in Greenhouse for a role, we will collapse that stage for you so it does not clutter your view.

 If you click on any Candidate Tile, you'll be taken directly to that candidates profile in Greenhouse so you take any action you need to so the candidates gets back into a 'Green' state.

We respect all Greenhouse permissions so you won't be able to see any candidates or roles you can't already see within Greenhouse.

Color Coding Candidates Based on Activity

Within Talent Pipeline, we'll help you see which candidates are falling out of process by color coding based on last Greenhouse activity.

Colors correspond to days since last Greenhouse activity:

  • Green: 0 - 5 days since last Greenhouse activity
  • Yellow: 6 - 10 days since last Greenhouse activity
  • Red: 11 days since last Greenhouse activity

We automatically bubble up candidates to the top of a column based on their color coding:

  • Red = First
  • Yellow = Second
  • Green = Third

We'll also show you a sum total of all candidates by color beneath the stage name.

Filters you can search on to view Talent Pipeline in Greenhouse

Not only do we allow you to see all candidates in Greenhouse, we also pull in Greenhouse filters for you to search on.

We allow you to filter on three different Greenhouse filters: User, Department, and Location.

These filters will be available for you to search even if they are not in Gem (ex. you'll be able to search for Users in Greenhouse who are not in Gem).

You can also start typing in a keyword in the text box and we will filter down possible results.

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