This article walks through Gem's Automatic Greenhouse Email Sync.

How the Email Sync works

Gem has built an integration with Greenhouse that allows us to sync emails to Prospects and candidates to the candidate's activity feed in Greenhouse.

We recommend mentioning this to the whole team, since all private communication with candidates will start getting written to the Greenhouse activity feed as public notes, visible to everyone with access to that candidate in Greenhouse (usually including the candidate’s interviewers).

What emails are synced to GH

Our logic for deciding which emails to sync is pretty complicated, but to summarize the most common cases:

  • Emails sent or received in the past will not be synced.

  • If you source a candidate in Gem, then all email threads you are on with that candidate will get synced.

  • If anyone on your team sources a candidate in Gem and is on the Greenhouse Hiring team, email threads from those people to the candidate will sync to the activity feed.

We automatically send a Gem Bot email for any thread that is being synced with Greenhouse, as a reminder that the thread is being synced.

Pausing email sync for a candidate

You can pause email sync for a candidate by looking at the threaded Gem Bot email and pressing the 'link' to stop the sync. This will only work for the individual candidate and not for everyone you email.

If you would like to turn off Gem automatic email sync to Greenhouse, talk to your Gem team admin.

Have questions about Gem's Automatic Email sync to Greenhouse? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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