Gem has two methods for syncing emails you send to Greenhouse:

  • Automatic Email Sync

  • BCC Greenhouse Maildrop

This article covers the ways that you can set these features up.

Automatic Email Sync

If you send us your Greenhouse admin key, we can enable automatic syncing

  • Gem automatically syncs messages with email addresses that match a candidate profile in Greenhouse.

  • Gem syncs both messages to candidates and candidate replies.

  • Gem syncs all emails sent through Gem sequences.

To enable automatic email sync with Greenhouse, email

BCC Greenhouse Maildrop

Configure the bcc field for your sequence to be (for some teams, the address may be instead).

  • Greenhouse automatically sync all outgoing messages sent in this sequence if there's a Greenhouse profile with an email address that matches the recipient's email address.

  • If the recipients email address is not in Greenhouse, Greenhouse creates an empty profile for you, so make sure to upload each candidate to Greenhouse before sending your sequence using the BCC field.

  • Candidate replies cannot be tracked using the BCC field.

  • Note that updating the default BCC setting in your Gem Settings only affects new sequences (you'll have to update existing sequences manually). Also note that editing the BCC setting on sequences only affects recipients added to the sequence after the setting change.

Need help syncing email to candidates in Gem back to Greenhouse? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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