If you are a new customer or your company has recently changed the way you sign into Greenhouse (e.g. integrated Greenhouse with Okta), we may need to re-configure your Greenhouse integration.

Check your URL when you sign into the Greenhouse website

If your URL isn't app.greenhouse.io, there's a good chance we need to update your Greenhouse subdomain. Email support@Gem.com with your Greenhouse URL and we'll get you set up.

Other common Greenhouse subdomains are app2.greenhouse.io and {your_company}.greenhouse.io.

I uploaded a prospect Greenhouse, but can't see their Greenhouse profile

This may be a permissions issue. If you uploaded a prospect to Greenhouse without a job, you may not have permission to see or manage that prospect.

Contact your Greenhouse admin and ask them if you have permission to "manage unattached prospects"?

Need help uploading to Greenhouse from Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at support@gem.com or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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