Custom tokens let you achieve a higher level of personalization when sending sequences in batch.

You can edit custom fields for a candidate in the chrome extension alongside their profile.

By default, we show the "Reason" field, which allows you to enter 1-2 sentences of personalization for reaching out while looking at the candidates profile. If you're going to use the "Reason" field, we typically recommend adding the {{reason}} token to the end of your first paragraph. That way, if you forget to write a reason or leave it blank, your message will still flow well.

To get an extra degree of personalization, click "Show extra fields" and use the Extra 1, 2, and 3 fields. e.g. consider using {{extra1}} in your subject line or {{extra2}} in one of your followups to reference a skill from their profile or something about the candidates background that stands out.

Why don't custom fields show up in my project or my sequence? By default, we hide custom fields unless you've filled one out for anyone in your project or sequence.

Why don't custom fields show up in my shared projects? Custom fields are just for you and aren't shared across the team. This is to reduce the risk of someone else editing a custom field and messing up your sequence messaging while it's running.

Need help with Custom fields in Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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