Occasionally, you may come across a situation where you need to remove a prospect from Gem, usually at their request. To complete this, you can click the More button at the bottom of the Gem extension/sidebar.

Depending on the request, the following options are available:

  • Unsubscribe team-wide - Prevents anyone on the team from sending a sequence to the prospect, but keeps them in your team's Gem instance.

  • Remove from Gem - Deletes the prospect in Gem. All historical outreach and activity data are also deleted.

  • Remove and Block - Removes prospect from Gem for everyone on the team and adds the prospect to a blocklist, which prevents them from being sourced again by members of your team.

When possible, we recommend that teams use Unsubscribe team-wide and to avoid using either of the two Remove options since the prospect's historical outreach and activity data will be deleted, as well.

Need help removing someone from Gem? Feel free to reach out by emailing us directly at support@gem.com or press "Chat with Us" on the Gem home page.

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