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Gem's Reviews feature allows you to submit candidate review requests. On the receiving end, your colleagues (ex. Hiring Managers) will receive your request and can leave a ✖️ (pass), ✔️ (accept), or ✮ (star) decision, as well as write notes on the candidate.

To see reviews that are waiting on you, as well as your review requests that are waiting on others, visit your Reviews page.

Requesting Reviews

You can submit candidates for review to a teammate directly from your Gem Project.

Select the candidate(s) that you wish to submit a review request for. Click Actions and select Request Review.

Add the reviewer's email address and write a quick note (optional). Once you're done, click Send Request.

Reviewing Candidates

Reviewers will get an email notification with your note and a link to the candidates they have to review. Clicking the provided review link directs a reviewer to log into Gem and takes them to their Reviews page.

Note: When creating a new Gem account through a review request, we won’t require reviewers to install the Gem Chrome extension or walk them through our normal new user onboarding flow.

Click Review to review candidates individually. For multiple candidates, clicking Review All starts a lightweight review flow where your reviewer can leave an optional note and assign one of 3 decisions: ✖️ (pass), ✔️ (accept), or ✮ (star)

Review Results

After the review is completed and submitted, you can revisit your Gem Project and see the review status and notes.

  • Under the Reviews column, hover over the note icon to see any written feedback.

  • Hover over the ✖️ (pass), ✔️ (accept), or ✮ (star) icons to see the name of the reviewer that submitted the decision.

  • Performing outreach: By clicking the Reminder column label, you can sort candidates by their review status. From here, you can select everyone with an ✔️ (accept) or ✮ (star) decision and add them directly to a Gem Sequence by clicking Add to Sequence.

Need help setting up Reviews? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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