You can add candidates to Gem from Greenhouse in two different areas: from a Candidate's Greenhouse profile or from the "All Candidates" Section in Greenhouse.

This article will cover both of the ways you can add candidates in Greenhouse to Gem.

Adding to Gem from a Candidate's Greenhouse Profile

If you'd like to add a specific candidate into Gem from Greenhouse, travel to that candidates specific profile within Greenhouse and you will see an "Add Candidate" button next to their name.

Once you click that button, the candidate will be added into Gem and the Gem side bar will expand on the right side of your screen.

From here, you can add this Candidate into a Gem Project or Sequence as well as add any notes on this candidate or see their Gem activity feed.

Adding to Gem from Greenhouse's "All Candidates Section

If you want to upload more than one candidate at a time from Greenhouse into Gem, you may want to think about doing a bulk import into Gem from Greenhouse.

You can bulk upload candidates from Greenhouse into Gem by traveling to the "All Candidates" Section in Greenhouse.

When you reach the "All Candidates" Section, you'll want to filter down Candidates to those you'd like to upload into Gem by using the "Filters" Section located on the left hand side of the "All Candidates" page.

Once you've filtered down the candidates you would like to add into Gem, you can press the "Import to Gem" button above the list of candidates.

After you press that button, a window for a new project in Gem will open and a list of the Greenhouse ID's for the candidates you have selected to import into Gem will appear. After you've verified this, press the "Upload Candidates" button at the bottom of the screen and the import to Gem will start.

For every import you do from Greenhouse into Gem, a new project in Gem will be created and all of the candidates in that import will be in that project. Once the import is complete you can rename that Project and start adding those candidates to Sequences.

Need help importing candidates from Greenhouse into Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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