If you use Gmail Aliases, Gem will automatically pull those into your account, so you can use them in your sequences!

Using an aliases in your Gem sequences to make it look like your sequences are coming from someone else in your company (e.g. a hiring manager), or an alias you prefer to use when emailing prospects. Aliases also let you control the messages that are sent, as well as handle the replies.

In this example, let's pretend you want to send an email on behalf of your hiring manager Steve Bartel, whose email address is steve@.

Pick a new email address

We won't actually send emails from steve@, because we want replies to go to you (the recruiter!) instead of to Steve. Instead, we'll pick a brand-new address steveb@ and send emails from that address. (Tip: We recommend adding a last initial, last name, or something else that makes it look like it could be the hiring manager's normal email address.)

Important: if you don't follow the steps in this guide, and instead choose to send as steve@, Gem will not automatically stop sequences when a candidate replies. In order for the Gem magic to work correctly, please follow the steps below!

Work with your IT Team, or Google Apps administrator to set up your Alias

Depending on what your company's GSuite Administrator is comfortable with, here are some options (PICK ONE OPTION):

  • Ask your GSuite administrator to create an alias steveb@ that forwards mail to you. Important: Candidates who use Gmail will see your account's Google+ profile information, including your name and profile picture (instead of Steve's). If you choose to use a Google alias, you must replace your profile image with a generic icon, and to avoid revealing your own name you must also delete your Google+ account if you have one.

  • Create a Google Group (This typically requires your IT or Gsuite administrator to set up the group to allow public posts, and you to send emails on behalf of the group) called steveb, and join the group.

Verify that receiving email works

Make sure that emails sent to this new address end up in your own email inbox. Ask a colleague to email steveb@, and make sure you receive the message.

Set up a send from alias

In your Gmail settings, add steveb@ as a new "send mail as" alias. (This guide has more details.) Also pay attention to the "When replying to a message" setting on this page: when you reply to a candidate, do you want the response to look like it's coming from you (the recruiter) or steveb@ (the hiring manager)?

Select this alias in Gem

If you want to use this alias for a single sequence, you can do so from the "Review your sequence" step when creating or sending a sequence. The left-hand side of this page has a section for Gmail options, that shows all available aliases.

If you want to use this alias by default for all sequences, go to your Gem settings and edit the Sequence Defaults.

Configure your alias's signature

In your Gmail settings, under General, scroll to the Signature setting and select your new alias from the dropdown. Write a signature for your new alias and press "Save Changes".

Warning: do not use Mail Delegation!

If you use Gmail's Mail Delegation, your email address will show in the from field.

Need Help Settting up Gmail Aliases in Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at support@gem.com or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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