Gem Sequences are a way to help automate your outreach to candidates. Every Sequence is comprised of at least one Stage. A Stage is a message template and can be further personalized for the candidate through the use of sequence tokens.

You can set up followups by adding Stages to your Sequence, which can be scheduled for a certain time or number of days later. You can add as many Stages as you’d like to a Sequence.

Gem will stop sending followups to a prospect if any of these conditions are met:

  • They have replied to any Stage in your Sequence.

  • The Sequence has run out of Stages and is finished.

  • You have manually marked that the prospect has replied in Gem.

Note: Gem is able to automate the sending of Email Sequences. To learn more about sending InMail Sequences, click here.

Example of a 2-Stage Sequence:

How to create a Sequence

There are two ways you can create a Sequence:

  1. Go to your Sequences page and click +New Sequence.

  2. Using the Sequence button at the bottom of the Gem extension while you're viewing a candidate's profile on LinkedIn or any of our other supported websites.

Quick tips for creating a Sequence

  1. Name your Sequence - We typically recommend using a unique name to make it easier to find and stay organized as you build out your collection of Sequences to use for different roles or unique scenarios.

  2. Schedule your Stages - Gem has the ability to customize exactly when each Stage of your Sequence gets sent. You can use this to adjust each Sequence depending on the candidate's location, role, or your own personal preference. Rest assured, we'll automatically send your Email Stage followups and remind you to send InMail Stage messages at the scheduled time(s).

  3. Create multiple Stages - We generally recommend creating Sequences with 3-4 Stages. This helps to really take advantage of Gem and we've seen increased candidate response rates by doing so.

Need help creating Sequences in Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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