Gem provides a best-in-class Greenhouse integration that enable users to:

  • See if a prospect is in Greenhouse before reaching out.
  • Upload a Greenhouse candidate from Gem in 1 click.
  • Sync every touchpoint directly to Greenhouse.
  • Automate common Greenhouse tasks directly from Gem.

We integrate with the Ingestion API to upload to Greenhouse (developer resources) and Harvest API for everything else (developer resources). Customers can enable the Ingestion API via OAuth 2.0 and the Harvest API by sending us your Greenhouse Harvest API Access Token (required permissions here).

This document is an overview of how we use the Greenhouse API and the features it enables.

Knowing if prospect is in Greenhouse

Gem makes it easy to see whether someone is in Greenhouse before sending a reach out by matching on both name and email address.

  • If there’s an email match, we link directly to the Greenhouse candidate profile.
  • If there’s a name match, we show a list of potential matches (first name, last name, current company) that link back to the candidate profiles in Greenhouse.

Uploading to Greenhouse

Gem can upload the entire candidate profile to Greenhouse directly alongside LinkedIn in one click. This includes name, company, title, school, email addresses, social media, Gem notes, and PDF resume. We plan to upload more and more information over time, including location, full work history, and education history.

We can enable any number of optional Greenhouse integrations when uploading:

  • Default tags. If set, a default tag will be applied to the prospect upon upload.
  • Auto-follow prospect. If enabled, the recruiter that uploaded the prospect will be automatically added as a follower.
  • Auto-convert to candidate & set stage. If enabled, the prospect will automatically be converted to a candidate and moved to the specified stage directly after being uploaded.
  • Custom import source. If specified, we will automatically change the import source from “Gem” to a source of your choice.
  • Sync only primary email. If enabled, we will sync just the primary email selected in Gem when uploading a prospect instead of all available Gem emails.

To enable any of the optional Greenhouse integrations, email We will likely need your Greenhouse Harvest API Access Token (required permissions here).

2-way Email Sync

Gem can sync the content of any Gmail message to and from candidates to their Greenhouse profile automatically as a note. This can include emails sent through Gem, but also one-off emails sent through Gmail. In Gem, you can disable 2-way email sync for any candidate at any time, which will stop future emails from being sync’d for that candidate (e.g. when discussing confidential details at offer stage).

Taking Common Greenhouse Actions right from Gem

You can take common Greenhouse Actions directly from Gem both in your Gem Projects and in the Gem Chrome extension alongside LinkedIn and Gmail.

  • Converting from prospect → candidate
  • Setting a stage
  • Logging a note / call / text / InMail directly to the Greenhouse activity feed.

Greenhouse Integrations available with Gem CRM

Gem provides an extra level of integration for our CRM customers that allows them be able to work seamlessly from our interface.

Here are some of the features powered in our CRM with Greenhouse Data.

Full Pipeline Analytics

  • Full reach out to offer out metrics aggregated across the team
  • Segmented by Greenhouse data, such as recruiter, source, job, candidate tag, etc.
  • Segmented by Gem data, such as diversity, years of experience, location, former company / education, etc.

Greenhouse information in Gem Projects, Sequences, and Jobs

  • Job & Stage
  • Source
  • Application & Interview Status
  • Disposition Reason
  • Candidates in Greenhouse that are not in Gem

'People' Tab syncing location, full work history, and full education history

By design, we don’t ask for Greenhouse API permissions that we won’t likely need anytime soon, such as the ability to edit job openings, reject applications, update custom fields, etc.

Have questions on how Greenhouse integrates with Gem? Feel free to reach out to the Gem team by emailing us directly at or press "Chat with Us" in the Gem home page.

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